For those who wish to add a music dimension to their Fivefold Ministry Calling.

How To Tap Into One of the Most Powerful Forces in the Universe

What is that?

MUSIC of Course!

If you are human, then music is an essential part of your existence. Would you like to know why?

1. Music is a spiritual force, and you are a spiritual being living in a physical body.

2. God created in the presence of music, and if you wish to create anything, you should use the same power to help you.

3. Music has the power to bring spiritual resonance - making your body, soul and spirit all vibrate together in perfect harmony.

4. Music releases positive emotions - it is impossible to remain negative while singing or playing music.

5. Music has the power to lift you out of negative feelings and release the powerful force of JOY.

For All Apostles

1. What if ... God has called you to the Apostolic Ministry?
2. What if ... You show all the signs of this Calling?
3. What if ... Someone prophesied you will be an Apostle?
4. What if ... This has been confirmed and you ARE called to Apostolic Ministry

It is time to find out who you are and where you are going

Drop what you are doing and GET THIS NOW

But all spiritual forces are not the same

And not all are from the Spirit of God

Satan is the master of music, since it was his original role in heaven - to lead the worship angels in their worship of God.

So he has used that power for his own purposes. And he inspires those who belong to him to use it to influence others and draw them away from God.

YOU are going to change this by learning how to use this power to draw people TOWARDS the Lord.

How will you do this? By learning the principles involved and receiving training to tap into your inner resources. 

Here Is What We Can Offer You

1. You can learn to write the words to your own songs

2. You can learn to put music to your own songs

3. You can learn how to develop your voice and sing your own songs

4. You can learn how to record your own songs and make them into audio CD's and MP3 audio files

5. You can make your songs available online for people to download

6. You might even be able get some income from your songs if people are prepared to pay for them

If it has always burned in you to write and sing your own music, then you have found what you are looking for. The Lord has instructed us to make available to you, all the tools that you need to add the power of music to your ministry tools and weapons

You will learn to use these weapons in spiritual warfare and to enhance your ministry. And lives will be changed because of this.

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Fivefold Music Ministry in the Church

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